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  1. Take My Love (I Want To Give It All To You) 2: 43 Little Willie John (John Mertis Jr) Pop Chart # 87 Sep 18, King Single # R&B Charts #5 Backing vocals and other personnel unknown. Intro chorus: (My love, my love, take my love) Take my love I wanna give it all to you You can, you can, you can Take my lips (take my lips, take my lips.
  2. Oct 15,  · I Want To Give It All by air supply. here i am again i've come to see your smile that your love is why i want to give it all ***** DISCLAIMER: Absolutely no copyright infringement is.
  3. And still you're always here. Just waiting for my call. I wish I knew a way. To give more than I do. I want to give it all. Well it doesn't happen every day. But it happened to me once before. Those early years I threw away. Now I only have to hear your voice.
  4. 2 days ago · Katya and Trixie Mattel Aren't Sure Why You Want Their Advice, But They're Ready to Give It The UNHhhh hosts return with the rest of season five after a .
  5. I want the whole world. I want to lock it all up in my pocket It's my bar of chocolate Give it to me now! I want today I want tomorrow I want to wear them like braids in my hair and I don't want to share them I want a party with roomfuls of laughter Ten thousand tons of ice cream And if I don't get the things I am after I'm going to scream! I.
  6. Feb 11,  · Artist: Air Supply Song: I Want To Give It All (Guitar Chords) Tabbed By: Troalance17 Introduction: Eadd9x2 Eadd9 /Dx2 C#7sus4 C#7 F#madd9 .
  7. Mar 20,  · [Verse 2] Bm G Listen all you people, come gather round, A Bm A I gotta get me a game plan, gotta shake you to the ground, Bm G Just give me what I know is mine, A Bm A People do you hear me, just give me the sign, D A It ain't much I'm asking, if you want the truth G A G Here's to the future for the dreams of youth, [Chorus] Bm G A Bm A I want.
  8. I want it all back I want it all back I want it all back I want it all back. You hit me hard I should be knock out Things i've been through don't even wanna talk about You crossed the line (this time) you violated me I want revenge (I want everything back from) A to Z The battles not mine the battle is the Lord's In the name of Jesus i'm taking.

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