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  1. Dec 27,  · Biliary sludge: A mixture of microscopic particulate matter in bile that occurs when particles of material precipitate from bile. Bile is the fluid that is made by the liver. It is stored in the gallbladder until after a meal, when it passes out of the gallbladder and through the common bile duct into the intestine to help digest fat in the meal.
  2. SMUT LP by MEAT MIST SPLIT 7" w/ WHITE SLAVE by MEAT MIST Sludged Blood (Demo) by Meat Mist BLEAK BISQUE by MEAT MIST MEATMIST/MORSE split Cassette by XO PRESS MEAT MIST Three dudes outta their skulls. [email protected]
  3. TROOST DIY compilation by XO PRESS BOREAS by Boreas Haet Us by Regret, The Informer War Is Here If You Want by Demon Horse BLEAK BISQUE by MEAT MIST MEAT SLAVE 7" MeatMist/WhiteSlave split by XO PRESS MOBY DICK by Robert Plant's Dingleberry Thin Man Wigs out by SNEAKY CREEPS Pète Ma Bite by DIME SACK DAN & NO ONE MAN BAND WHITE SLAVE s/t tape by WHITE SLAVE Sludged Blood (Demo.
  4. Oct 22,  · Blood is a horror first-person shooter created by Monolith Productions and published by GT Interactive in for MS-DOS. The game was designed by Nicholas Newhard, which was also the lead programmer. “Let the blood bath begin ” may be the ultimate statement when you wake up in your own grave in the first game level called “Cradle to grave”.
  5. Blood Viscosity Physics. One of the really interesting things about blood is that the viscosity changes when the blood is moving. The faster it moves the thinner the viscosity. During systole, the part of the cardiac cycle when the heart is pumping, the blood is moving and the viscosity is at its lowest.
  6. A semisolid mass composed of an aggregation of cells (such as red blood cells in blood vessels) or particulate matter (such as cholesterol crystals and calcium salts in bile). intr.v. sludged, sludg·ing .

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